Candice – Uptown

My name is Candice and I’ve been a New Yorker my entire life, born, raised, and currently living in Brooklyn.  I have several interests, all involving animals, sports(baseball particularly.  GO METS!), and nature.  When I’m not working, I’m reading, tending to my plants, feeding the birds in my backyard, taking a walk in a park, or having a game night with friends.  I believe that enjoying simple pleasures is key to dealing with the madness that is NYC.
My love of dogs started at 8 years old when my grandfather lived with us. He had a beautiful, sweet, smart, and goofy German Shepherd Dog named Lady. I have been hooked on dogs ever since!  From Great Danes to Chihuahuas and nearly every breed in between, I love them all, so much that I’ve developed a habit that people may find a bit odd: I talk to them as if they’re human. At times, I think they really do understand what I’m saying, or at least they try their best.
For over a decade, I’ve been in the dog care industry. I’ve been a volunteer in an animal adoption center in Lower Manhattan, worked in an animal clinic in the Upper East Side, and worked in various doggy daycare centers in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  In each job, I’ve made some really awesome furry friends! A few have actually followed me from one daycare to another!  After working in daycare centers for 11 years, I found I enjoyed walking dogs more than being in a closed setting. I like giving dogs 100% of my attention and having to spread it to a room full of dogs with different personalities and different needs became a bit overwhelming. Plus, I like being outside, and most of the dogs I worked with enjoyed being outside as well! Win-Win!
I’m really excited to join RuffCity and merge my love for the outdoors, my life-long love of dogs, and my experience to the team! I look forward to meeting you and your fur baby and chit-chat about what makes your dog happy!  And yes, I look forward to talking to them as they are human.