Cameron – Downtown

Hellooo, I’m Cameron! I was born and raised in Atlanta and moved to the East Village with my family in 2018 after I finished high school, and after a brief overwhelming introduction period, I absolutely fell in love with the city! My family has had numerous dachshunds my whole life, and I grew up walking and dog-sitting for lots of families in my neighborhood in Atlanta. As I got older I realized more and more than I wanted to work with dogs in some capacity, and combined with my love of being out and about in the city, RuffCity seemed like the perfect fit! Outside of my love of dogs, I’ve also been doing freelance video editing work off and on since 2019, I skateboard pretty much every day, and I play drums in a band which takes up most of my free time! I’m thrilled to be part of the RuffCity team and I can’t wait to make some new four-legged friends!