Becka – Uptown

I’m Becka and I’ve been in NYC for the last five years ever since graduating college. In that time, I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector, event planning, and the art world. When I’m not walking dogs, I currently also enjoy being a ceramicist and knitwear designer! And in my free time, I also enjoy yoga, pilates, baking, vintage shopping, and dancing 🙂

I grew up around dogs my entire life and have a lot of experience with rescue pups, as my parents adopted several dogs from local shelters when I was younger. Here in the city, I’ve also helped friends out for years whenever they need someone to walk their dog or even to dogsit. Even though I grew up with Huskies and Greyhound/German Shepherd mixes, in my adult life I’ve spent a lot of time with breeds of all sizes and temperaments, and I can genuinely say I love them all!

So it hopefully goes without saying how excited I am to be part of the RuffCity team, and to be able to help provide the highest standard of care for your pup 🙂 I truly understand how much you care for your doggos, and I couldn’t be more excited to meet you and your furry friend soon!