Anna – Downtown

Hi, my name is Anna, and I moved to the city in 2019 to get my masters in art!  I’m from Nashville Tennessee, and growing up I never had fewer than two dogs (usually three). When I was 21, I adopted my own Great Pyrannees/Pitbull mix named Manny, but when I moved to New York, Manny stayed in Nashville with my parents due to his gigantic size and distaste for other dogs.  I knew he wouldn’t be happy here, but when I say I miss him, it’s an understatement! I grew up playing multiple sports and continue to have an active lifestyle, so I can assure you that your pups are in good hands and we will have nothing but fun.  

Even as an artist, my first drawing obsession was wolves, dogs, and copying the animation from Balto. My mom tends to get upset when I visit home and I hug the dogs first, so I think it’s clear where my priorities are. The last two years in the city have been tough without a dog, so I’m excited to meet some new friends and work with RuffCity while continuing my art career!