Alicia – Uptown

My name is Alicia and I am a native New Yorker having been born and raised in this wonderful city. I did live in Toronto for 2 years, and then I moved to the Adirondack Mountains where I owned and ran a restaurant and cottages for 8 years. While living there, I had 2 beautiful White German Shepherd dogs, Bogie and Bianca. They used to love to run wild on the property during the heavy snowfalls, sometimes disappearing as they blended with the snow with only their noses showing 🙂 During the summer they loved to run into a lake behind my property and play and chase each other. Sadly, I lost my Bogie, and when I returned to the city, I brought my Bianca with me.  She only knew life in the country having never been anywhere else and she was not happy.  So after a month, with a heavy heart, I let her return to the country where she was adopted by my caretaker whom she loved and happily lived out her life there.

I have also had 2 Yorkshire Terriers, a Siberian Husky and a West Highland White Terrier over the years (before Bogie and Bianca). Since then, I have helped friends and neighbors with dog sitting and walking and for the past 2+ years I have been caring for the sweetest Chocolate/Lab mix in his home while his owner has traveled extensively.  Since doing this, I have met many furry babies during our walks. I have truly found that surrounding myself with these angels is pure joy because they give us 100% unconditional love.

So while I love to cook, bake and do a lot of knitting, spending time caring for your precious pet is why I am so happy to have found RuffCity and to become a member of their team!  I look forward to being able to share special times with your special fur baby 🙂