Alexis – Uptown

I’m Alexis, and I’m a lifelong New Yorker who grew up between Queens when I was younger, and Long Island for my high school years.  I’m happy to be living back in Queens these days and closer to the city 🙂  My primary work experience has been working with pups in daycare and kennel environments, and I’m so excited to be bringing my pup-loving skills to the pups of NYC with RuffCity!

Growing up, I had an English Bulldog named Lola and a Blue Fawn Pitbull named Gucci. I immediately fell in love with them both and they played a major role in my love for animals! I grew up walking them, and once I was able to walk friends’ and family dogs, I hopped right into that, too! In addition to my family pup experience, I also have professional experience from my time at a boarding/kennel facility and a daycare center. This is where my love of dogs really exploded, and I learned so much from a whole variety of dog breeds – from your happy-go-lucky doodles to the more temperamental shepherds that required special handling, I saw it all!  I loved learning about each pup’s specific temperaments and quirks and forming a bond with each and every pup that came through the door to stay with us.

My family also actively fosters dogs from our local shelter, and our current boy at home is a Pitbull/Cane Corso Mix who has some medical conditions. He is the sweetest boy — he loves to cuddle, but he also loves to go for as many walks a day as he can squeeze in!  I love being able to give back to shelter dogs in the most meaningful way possible by fostering, and I’m so excited to share my love of pups with your pup too.

Having a fur baby is such an important part of life — they are truly so special! I am beyond excited to meet you and your pup and I can’t wait to learn all about them and be their BFF when you are away from home 🙂