Aaliyah – Downtown

Hello, I’m Aaliyah! I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, along side my childhood dogs Chloe, a Maltese and Snowy, a jack russel/chihuahua mix. Snowy was a couple months older than me and Chloe was given to my family when I was 10. Always having a dog in the house made me understand completely how valuable our pets are to us. When I was a child my mom would share stories about her job working at a vet hospital; from giving that first pet to the dog that struggled trusting humans, to that kitten that was brought in who was played in the movie “one fine day”, the dogs she wish she could adopt but were too big for the apartment, and the kitten who’s meow sounded like it was saying “hello”. All those stories sparked my interest in turning my love for animals into a career! I can’t wait to meet and build a bond with your pets!