My name is Veronica Vaillancourt. I grew up on Long Island, moved to New York City for college, and have been here ever since. I love the outdoors, music, bird-watching, exploring the city, and (of course) dogs!

I grew up with two dogs, Schubert and Puccini, and have lived with four who belonged to roommates (Miko, Gustave, Hunter, and Pup-Pup), so suffice it to say I’m very comfortable with canines. As a walker I have experience with big, small, nervous, excited, and handicapped dogs and have gotten very good at meeting dogs on their level and reading what kind of care and attention gets them motivated and feeling comfortable.

In the past I’ve worked at a violin repair shop, as a gardener, a sound recordist, and a park ranger, but dog walking is one of my favorite jobs. I love getting the chance to meet so many pups and spend the afternoon getting some fresh air and hitting the town with them. When I’m not dog walking I like to make music, learn as much as I can, and try desperately to get better at cooking.

I’m very excited to be a RuffCity family member and I can’t wait to build an awesome friendship with your dog. Here’s to some stellar walks!