Relocated to Brooklyn, New York from Arlington, Washington in August 2012 hoping to find new opportunities, experiences, and challenges. At 19-years-old, I’m currently studying at Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York for a bachelors degree in nursing (RN). Love traveling to new places and indulging in fascinating new cultures.

From the time I was born, my family owned a Golden Retriever named Brittany, who I became very attached too. Once I matured to a responsible age, I took care of her needs, becoming the primary care giver for my doggy. She passed away my freshman year of high school, leaving my family and I with a missing family member. During my high school days, I would walk and care for my previous neighbors pups (two chihuahua mixes) nearly every day during the school year.

Moving across the United States as well as other commitments such as school have prolonged my opportunity to adopt another dog to become part of my family. Being a dog walker with RuffCity will allow me to spend quality time with dogs like I use too!