I’m Tayra, and I was born and raised in The Bronx, NY. As a true city girl, I’m still in love with NYC and currently reside in Brooklyn. I’m of Paraguayan and Dominican descent and have made sure that my pup (Kai) is also bilingual. I studied Illustration at The School of Visual Arts and currently do freelance illustration and graphic design. In my free time, I work on songwriting and playing guitar. I also do a lot of yoga and am getting more into transcendental meditation.

I absolutely love dogs! For years, I dogsat for friends and family members until I could get my own fur child. I eventually worked for a dog walking company as well because I knew it would be something I would absolutely love and be great at. I noticed early on that I often stopped on the street to pet other people’s dogs and always felt charmed by them. Lucky for me, five years ago, I was gifted with my very own, Kai. Kai (named after a Japanese sword) is a Yorkie/Shih-Tzu/Terrier/Poodle mix! He’s essentially a furry bundle of joy with a sassy personality!

Kai is my right hand man! We watch Twin Peaks together, he naps and poses for me when I need a dog model for illustration work, and we go on outdoor adventures together. Recently, we started doing yoga together (he’s much better at Downward Dog 😜)

I understand a lot about dogs and know firsthand how one can be a part of your family. The unconditional love we have and receive from our furry friends is truly something special. It wasn’t until recently that I found RuffCity. I can honestly say that I am absolutely thrilled to be apart of the RuffCity Team and cannot wait to make new furry friends!