Hey! I’m Taylor Pelton and I am originally from Long Island but have found a new home in Brooklyn. I recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Illustration, and looking to pursue my dream of making money off my art. I have two lovely pups, Stuka and Lexa, both are German Shepherds and they live with my mother on Long Island. On weekends I like to return home and take them to the dog park (I think I like the dog park more then they do honestly) and bringing them to the beach.

I have always had a love for dogs, even as a child. Ive had dogs growing up but it wasn’t until I adopted Lexa and Stuka did I discover my love for training dogs. In my third year of college I got Stuka who was a very anxious boy and had severe fear aggression. Around the same time I got Lexa, who was about 6 months old and already showed signs of being too smart for her own good. I spent hours whenever I wasn’t at school training them and working with them, and realized how much I loved obedience training. This lead me to purse a second job in dog handing and walking with RuffCity! As a freelance illustrator who is just starting up, having a steady job is really important. I am lucky enough that I get to follow both passions; working with dogs and making art!