Taylor White’s my name and exhausting your dog is my game! 🙂 Originally from Michigan, I’m relatively new to the Big Apple and have been living and working here for almost a year. My experience thus far in the city has been awe-inspiring! New York has taught me a lot about the power of connection and the importance of companionship. I live in a lively household full of furry companions – two dogs, Maui, and Koda as well as three cats, Miracle, Uzi, and Static.

My first dog (more like my first love), Noble, was a hearty challenge as a pup, but she grew to teach me the value of patience and consistency. Losing her to old age hit me hard, but continuing to have animals in my life has kept my heart light and open.

From a young age, I had a strong connection with cats and dogs. I gained extensive experience handling animals while helping my mother with fosters she rescued as a child and it was one of the happiest times in my life; I was never bored! I also have professional experience from my time at a dog retreat at home in Michigan as well as my time working in pet retail.

As a proud member of the RuffCity team, I’m so excited to spend time with your pup and I cannot wait for the adventures we’re going to have together.