I’m Seamus Rowe, and I am a graduate student who has been living here in NY for almost 4 years now. Time really flies when you are living the city life. I moved here from Central Florida where I grew up on the “Space Coast” just south of Cape Canaveral. Growing up in a beach town with several dogs of my own and lots of friends and neighbors who did the same was such a privilege. They were as much a part of our little community as any person and no visit to the beach or backyard BBQ was complete without getting all the pups together to visit as well. I was amazed and happy to realize that New York is just as much a dog city as back home and even before I became a walker they would add a special something to my day when I would see them going for their walks.

I’m here in NYC pursuing my Masters in Naval Architecture. Learning to design the soundest seagoing vessels possible. And in my spare time I am a huge nut for stand up comedy, watching sports, live music, and of course, any time spent with my friend’s dogs. Unfortunately, I can’t have a pup of my own at the moment between time commitments and my building regulations. But that is why I feel so honored to be a walker with Ruffcity as it allows me to spend ample time with our furry friends. Our days with them always just seem to be that much better.

With a long background in taking care of my own dogs as well as sitting for family and friends, I am confident that your pup and I will become fast friends and will learn plenty about each other. It’s a special thing to bond with our dogs and I am really appreciative to have the opportunity to do so with your family member as well.