I’m Scott McCullough and I really love music. Growing up in Pennsylvania I started playing drums when I was young and from there moved onto learning piano, guitar, bass, and electronic music production. It is the incredible variety of musicians and creative energy that brought me to and makes me love NYC!

I also, of course, love dogs! I grew up with a lovely Bichon Frise named Maggie and she became a big part of my life for 17 years! All of my extended family and a lot of my friends also love dogs so naturally, I have had a lot of great opportunities to care for them and walk them as the go-to dog sitting guy.

Any moment that I am around dogs I treasure and I really try to go above and beyond when it comes to catering to their needs. There is something so heartwarming about seeing a happy dog! The connection between people and dogs is a beautiful thing and I’m very grateful that I get to do this for work!