My name is Samantha Rose, a born and bred North Carolinian, but I have been a New Yorker for a year now. I went to school for interior design, and chased that dream all the way to the big city! My passion is both design and animals, so this provides me with the perfect opportunity to do both! Outside of those passions, I am extremely active, and love to search for fun new adventures in this amazing city we live in.

I grew up with dogs my whole life: rescues, puppies straight from a breeder, big and small dogs, and have pet sat on multiple occasions for family friends, as well as people I did not know and created wonderful relationships with them.

I know doggy CPR should your little one ever need medical attention, and am well-versed in handling dogs with behavioral or social problems.

Since moving here, I realize the missing link in my life is having a fur friend as a companion! RuffCity provides me with the perfect solution to that; being able to give all my love to your little ones and creating lasting connections with you both! I cannot wait to meet you and your special companion and spend amazing quality time together!