My name is Romana Henson and I live in Manhattan’s East Village. I was born in Baltimore, MD, grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and have been fortunate enough to call New York City my home now for the past few years. I am here this great city to learn and grow and pursue my passion in Art!  I was lucky enough to have a dog my entire childhood and I truly feel that my family’s dogs helped raise me into being a kind hearted person that loves all souls. 

Our first family pup was an awesome Chow Chow that we named Butter. Even as kids, we were responsible for his walks and meals before and after school. Naturally, this taught us at an early age how to care for and understand having a dog. But every dog is different! As Butter began to age, we adopted a poodle mix and named her Charlie. She is a nervous little angel that we trained very well, but despite all of our training, she is still anxious and dog reactive. When walking Charlie, one must be attentive yet calm and I always make sure I have a little pouch with kibble handy to keep her close when needed and reward her when she remains calm. 

These days, I don’t have a pooch of my own but in my work as an Artist’s Assistant, part of my job is to take care of a very sweet and sometimes challenging boy named Shintaro. He is a handsome Pitbull mix who is very strong and stubborn and sadly will not make another canine friend. He is not mean, but he is very territorial. This requires me to pay full attention to our surroundings, talk to him and communicate with other dog walkers, especially around his familiar places.  He definitely keeps me on my toes but he makes it all worth it with his sweet kisses, which he dishes out freely to those he loves.

I’ve always had a wonderful pooch by my side throughout life and I’m so excited to be part of the RuffCity team so I can add your pup to my list of furry best friends!  I can’t wait to meet you and your furkid and set out on some awesome adventures in this concrete jungle we call home.