Hi Humans and Doggos- I’m Roger! For the past three years I’ve taught group puppy socialization classes as well as basic obedience. I’ve started my weeks building skills, confidence and bonds with a room full of puppers. More importantly I’ve been able to spread knowledge of the most ethical and effective way of communicating with our dogs. Working with dogs has been a privilege that I don’t take lightly.

As a Dallas transplant it’s been phenomenal working for Ruff City. It can be rough for our furry friends in the city and as a pet professional I can’t express the importance of regular walks to a dog’s mental and physical health. As a pet owner as well, a visit from an experienced dog walker to our beloved animals provides us with a peace of mind that is priceless.

You can usually catch me at central park with my Chesapeake bay retriever, Nola Ryan! When she’s not finding my wallet, walking herself holding her own leash, or bringing me a beverage from the refrigerator she’s playing ball at the park. She’s the best dog. Can you tell I’m a little proud? I’m looking forward to meeting yours!