Hi!! This born and raised New Yorker is ready to make some furry friends and go on epic walking adventures!! I’m Reny (pleased to meet you!) and I’m 32 years old, currently residing in Queens. I am a singer, dancer, voice actor in training, artist, and professional wrestler (yes, you read that last one right), but most of all, animal lover. My family has always had animals in the house growing up. From dogs to parrots to turtles to cats (We were possibly in competition with the Bronx Zoo at some point). But dogs have always been a staple in our home. Currently have a buff yorkie with Napoleon complex and a huge heart named Kazper. And he is my world.

I have worked at the Animal Medical Center and volunteered at the ASPCA in Manhattan. I was also my neighborhood’s dog walker when I lived back at home in the Bronx. Basically, I just wanna be around sweet pups all day, have a blast, and make sure my fur buddies are safe while having a blast too!