Hi, my name is Pat! I grew up in Southern Virginia where taking in strays was as common as cornbread. To all the dogs I’ve lived with over the years: Keswick, Lady, Beauty, Birdie, Robin, Longfellow, Wolf, Blackjack, Sam, Paddington, Kate, Muffin, Parish, Squire, Susie, Lily, Mike, Jake, Jack, Hank, Toby & Emma, thank you. I fully credit my loving furry family for the big heart I have today. No, I can’t forget our critter-catching cats and those ducks who could talk the legs off a chair, nor our beautiful horse, Outward Bound, nor Sally the Goat who was about as friendly as a bramble bush. All you animals have helped make me the person I am today. To my mom, the true whisperer and to my dad who has served so many years for the Humane Society, thank you for bringing so many animals into my life. To my adopted cats, Charlotte and Ware, love you boos, stay bougie. RuffCity!!! Thank you for putting me on the team! I’m so happy to be here! To my close canine circle, Ollie, Otis, Mr. Bean, Fava, Tango (in the pic), Shiloh, Lilly, Norman, Rexi and Ginger, don’t worry I have plenty attention to go around for new pups and for you too.

And lastly, to the dog owners of New York, you have my sworn solemn oath to treat your dogs like my own and to protect them on their walks. I am an Eagle Scout. I have sharp eyes and a quick mind. I am aware of my surroundings at all times. I know the importance of these furry loves to you, and I will carry that weight on my shoulders each and every walk.

When I’m not walking dogs, I write children’s books, work for Off-Broadway theater, and curate art shows. See you soon, pups!