My name is Nicole Rodriguez and I am from an island in the carribean nearly as colorful as I am. 14 years ago my family decided to chase the notorious American dream and move to the US, where I was swooned by a second island – Manhattan! Splitting my heart into two to make me whole; the fast paced and collected Manhattan + the bubbly extravagant charisma of Santo Domingo.

When I am not walking your pup, I am watching old movies, exploring the city in attempts to find hidden gems/unmarked corners, and stopping strangers in their tracks to hold a full blown conversation with their dog. Growing up, my family never felt complete if we didn’t have a furry companion to receive wet kisses and tail wags from. Therefore, I have always been lucky to have a pup to make my heavy days lighter. It has also given me first hand experience into all kind of pup-nalities. Teaching me that every snout is truly unique.

I currently own a shorkie by the name of Pepper, a shy, attention demanding princess that only enjoys outside when she is able to sunbathe and be carried about. She doesn’t like making furry friends, but she enjoys belly rubs and squeaky toys. I’m so excited to spend time with your pup so I can shower them with the same loving TLC that my Pepper girl enjoys on a daily basis. I love being part of the RuffCity fam!