My name is Melissa Frank, but some like to call me Mello (very pleased to meet you)! I am a New York City native, born and raised in Brooklyn. I come from Portuguese, Guyanese, and Polish descent; some would say I’m quite the mutt, myself! 😉 I graduated from audio production school in 2015, and have been pursuing my passion for songwriting ever since. Along with my music, my two other greatest passions are travel, and most importantly, animals!

I recently came back from living in Toronto where I was helping my family to run their yummy granola cereal business. Before that, I was living in California where I was given the chance to help raise a handsome blue-nosed Pitbull named Vinny; Vincenzo, to be exact! 😉 I’ve always had a deep love for dogs, and I took this opportunity I was given very seriously. I learned rather fast that every dog is unique, with its own individual personality. Vinny was very independent, yet obedient and curious, and I ended up being able to teach him many things, including how to walk without a leash! My experience with training and loving Vinny as my own made my heart whole, and I truly understand the significance of having a dog, AKA furry family member, be a part of your world. They are sincerely healing creatures — teaching you loyalty, unconditional love, how to appreciate the simple things in life — the list goes on and on! They certainly give you so much to smile about in life, and I’m devoted to returning the favor to them.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the Ruff City team and to have so many dogs to take care of as if they were my own. I look forward to lots of fur, slobber, pup hugs, and fun doggie adventures with your best friend!