My name is Meg Fortier and after a lifetime of surviving Maine winters I decided to pack up my bags and pursue my dream of moving to New York City. I recently graduated from Colby College where I was an active, two-sport student-athlete and frequenter of the local dog shelter for the past four years. My excuse for finally setting off to Manhattan was my decision to attend Teachers College, Columbia University to pursue a Master’s in Elementary Inclusive Education, as I hope to become a teacher one day.

In the meantime, I find myself doting on any dog that comes into my sightline, checking out all the restaurants in my new neighborhood, attending cycling classes and babysitting for a family with three incredible kiddos. While I love my new life in the city, I constantly find myself missing my four-legged best friend, Cody, who despite turning 12 this year is still the most active member of my family! Back home, we enjoyed trips to the nearby ocean where we could spend over an hour swimming and adventuring together.

To date, convincing my parents via a powerpoint presentation at age 10 to get Cody is my biggest accomplishment. I feel lucky to have grown up alongside my furry friend who taught me so much about what it means to be there for someone. I’m now thankful for the invention of FaceTime because our long distance friendship would be impossible without it!

As a member of the RuffCity dog walking team, I look forward to further exploring my new home on the Upper East Side, pup in hand, and being there for my new fur friends like Cody has been there for me all these years.