My name is Mary Searles and I’m a college student from Long Island! I’m currently living in Brooklyn, but I was born in New Jersey and I moved to Long Island when I was very young, and grew up there. I’ve been living in NYC/Brooklyn for 3 and a half years now, because I’ve been studying Illustration at the School of Visual Arts. I’m all set to graduate this coming May, and I’m both terrified and excited! I love this city, I love art and food/cooking, and of course I love dogs!

At home on Long Island, I have two German Shepherds who I’ve raised from puppies. They were my introduction to really understanding and loving dogs (they’re also the main reason as to why I go home- sorry mom & dad) 🙂 We love the dog park, snuggling and long walks. They’re adults now, but they still have a lot of puppy energy! Because of them, I’m comfortable with all kinds of dog breeds, but especially bigger ones.

I’ve been walking dogs in NYC since last March, and it’s my favorite part-time job I’ve ever had. Dogs are the most special and incredible creatures in my opinion. Their ability to love so unconditionally and their unending loyalty is amazing. As a dog owner and animal lover, I know how much you love and cherish your pup, so I plan on giving them just as much love and attention as you would while they’re in my care!

I look forward to working with you, your pup and the awesome team at RuffCity!