Hi, Margaux here! I’m originally from France, but after studying in Paris for years I decided to move to New York and see what the big deal was about. Turns out, I get it: it’s pretty great. I have two degrees — in geography and journalism — that I barely use, and work mainly as a freelance translator and writer. In my free time, I enjoy illustration, podcasts, Wikipedia wormholes, buying too many books, and of course walking around with a baguette under my arm.

I used to dog-walk in Brooklyn and I’ve missed it quite a bit! Since I can’t have a dog at the moment, getting to hang out with pups for a few hours everyday is definitely a treat. I’m looking forward to exploring the streets of Manhattan with your dogs! As a bonus, I can teach them a few sentences in French that they’ll find very useful, like “no, you can’t eat that, that’s not food” and “who’s the cutest baby” (spoiler: they all are).