My name is Mandy Winchester, I’m originally from Portland, OR but have been living in New York for the last 3 years and absolutely love it!

When my sister and I were 10 and 12 our constant pleading to get a dog paid off in a big way; her name was Shari. She was a border collie/lab mix and an amazing dog full of personality and the cutest set of eyebrows I’ve ever seen. About 5 years ago my sister found an Akita who happened to be needing a new home and it was no question that her new home was with us. My first year in New York I was a dog walker and was able to meet all different breeds, sizes, and temperaments. Between growing up with dogs, becoming the go to walker and sitter in my neighborhood, and being a New York dog walker my first year I’ve become well versed in seeing different personalities and I love them all!

I have such a soft spot particularly for dogs; their compassion and loyalty is unmatched and I truly believe we should learn from them. I’m so excited to be a part of the RuffCity team and can’t wait to meet all the pups!