My name is Lynn, I am from Brooklyn and have a West Indian background. I am a life long pet owner and animal lover, with a special place in my heart for dogs. I’ve owned many pets throughout my life, from cats and dogs to turtles and hamsters. Growing up, I have always loved caring for my pets and the pets of others. I currently own a 7 year old red ear slider turtle named Phil.

Living on the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I owned two dogs and 2 cats. I loved them all to pieces and in fact one of my dogs was one that I rescued from being a very sick stray. Her name was Liz and after she was nursed back to health she showed me her thanks in endless cuddles and turned out to be one of my favorite friends.

I have always found comfort in being around my furry faced friends. With my warm energy, bubbly attitude and love of giving belly rubs, they tend to love my company as well. I am currently pursuing a veterinary technician degree, with hopes that I may work with animals in a professional capacity for a very long time.

Being a pet owner I know of the love we have for our fur babies and the relationships with ours pets are very special. We want the best for them and refuse anything else! I’m ecstatic to be apart of RuffCity, and I look forward to meeting you and yor pet. You can be sure that while you are away, I will give your pet the best care, attention, and love it needs as if it were my own.