I’m Kristy Chambers, originally from Brisbane, Australia. I moved to NYC in 2013 after meeting my husband at a wedding. He is just as obsessed with dogs as I am and since our building does not allow pets, we can often be found by the Carl Schurz dog parks. We’re the weirdos without a dog who stay way too long!

Growing up, my brother, sister and I always had dogs and the novelty never wore off. Podge was a Jack Russell who had an underactive thyroid and hated carrots. Clancy, the Jack Russell who succeeded Podge, was rather neurotic but extremely cute. Last but not least was Draco, a Border collie Dalmatian cross who might have been the sweetest dog that ever lived – unless you were another dog, in which case he was a holy terror.

I was a substance abuse nurse in Australia but since moving to New York I’ve been working as a freelance writer and artist and have spent a lot of time indoors! After writing two books and doing a lot of painting (favorite subject – dogs with cones) I’m outside of the apartment, walking dogs and living the dream. Well, living my dream, at least.

Dogs are just the best. I love their big personalities and zest for life. It is impossible to be as excited about anything as a dog is about everything (except, perhaps, for a bath). Thanks for letting me spend time with your best friends!