Hello fellow dog owners! My name is Kevin and I am new to the city of New York originally from rural Washington State. I graduated from Wenatchee Valley College and am pursuing ecology & environmental studies. I was always fascinated by this place growing up and to be living here today is a blessing. Coming from a population of one thousand people to now eight million, I am very proud to represent the Pacific Northwest and grateful to finally have fast internet and cell phone service.

Dogs have had a huge impact on my life for as long as I can remember. Having dogs throughout my childhood gave me the freedom to imagine, explore, and play safely in nature. Every mountain I climbed and river I swam my dogs were both protectors and companions in every adventure. As I got older I started volunteering regularly at my local humane society; it was there I realized how much I enjoy walking dogs.

Like many of you I cannot live without dogs, they are essential for my wellbeing. Nothing beats their unconditional love and undeniable loyalty. I understand how much our fury friends matter to us which is why at RuffCity I value trust and communication. I want to make this the best possible experience for both dog and owner, let’s work together to give these lovable animals what they deserve.