Hi! My name is Keith. I’m originally from central Jersey and made my way to New York City close to five years ago to focus on my work as a graphic artist. In the course of doing so, I happily entered the world of dog walking and feel very fortunate to have developed a lovely background in pet care. Since 2012, I’ve been devoted to looking after many pups as a dog walker covering the New York City area, including Hoboken and Jersey City. I pride myself in treating all types of walks, sittings, and park visits with the utmost care and responsibility. Throughout all these years, I’ve created close relationships with each of my dogs’ owners and I would be confident to say they know just how much heart and soul I place into looking after their little ones.

To keep myself healthy (and ready to keep up with your playful pups) I enjoy being active outdoors quite often and running 5Ks whenever I can. I am a strong supporter of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in every sense, and like to keep myself productively moving forward with my goals in life. As a graphic artist, a long-term goal of mine is to expand the brand I’ve already created with my artwork by elevating it’s visibility and participating in many more art fairs. There’s no question that from time to time I check in and realize I created a pretty great life for myself: Be healthy. Create art. Give lots of love to dogs. Repeat. 🙂

In every respect, I’m an excellent, experienced, heartfelt dog walker & caregiver ready to give your pups the best walks. Can’t wait to meet them!