I’m Kade Diakite. My first name is pronounced like “Kay-D”; I usually tell people to think of the movie ‘Mean Girls’ :). I am a native New Yorker, and apparently, there aren’t many of us left in the city these days! I’ve definitely thought about leaving but I haven’t found that one thing that’s going to whisk me away just yet. Until then, I’m here to make a difference in NY loving on as many doggos as I can!

I’ve been a lover of animals for as long as I can remember; dogs, cats, bunnies, anything that’s furry and loves you unconditionally, makes my heart sing. While I’m not currently a dog mom myself, I like to think of myself as a dog-aunt because I’m always the go-to-gal for friends and family members for overnight dog/pet sitting whenever life gets in the way or when they have to travel. And I take my role as dog-aunt very seriously because once you make a connection with a furry soul and earn their love and trust, there’s no better feeling in the world!

As the oldest of 6 children, I’ve also always been around and loved working with kids. For the past four years, I managed the youth department in a rock climbing gym where I worked with kids ages 3+, so I understand the different dynamics between ages and skill sets and how to work with each child to bring out their strengths. While I loved my time there, I felt it was time for new adventures, so here I am to put my child confidence building skill set to good work with your doggos as part of the RuffCity fam 🙂