I’m Jenn Carlo and I am a Buffalo-born girl who has been living in New York City for just under a year. I work as a speech therapist during the school day, but love to exercise, see friends, and read in my free time outside of work.

I’ve always loved animals, (Dogs are my favorite, of course!) and have had the opportunity to spend time with lots of different animals since moving to the city.
Back in Buffalo, I grew up with two family dogs, and have always had passion for
dogs belonging to my friends, family, and neighbors. A few years ago, while spending a casual afternoon at the SPCA, my aunt and I fell in love with a shelter pup named Sasha. After spending a few minutes with her, we knew one of us had to have her. She became my aunt’s dog and I took every opportunity possible to find my way to her house and spend time with Sasha.

I truly look forward to fostering new relationships with dogs all over New York and I’m excited for the opportunity to do so with RuffCity!