My name is Jenn Hamblin and I am an artist and animal lover originally from Washington state. I was born in Tacoma, WA (army baby!), but grew up in the D.C. area (Falls Church, VA to be exact). After graduating high school, I switched coasts again back to Washington state where I lived in Seattle for 12 years. While in Seattle I obtained my degrees in both Deaf Studies and ASL Interpreting and also studied acting for 3 years at Freehold Theatre. While I loved the lush green and serene beauty of the Pacific Northwest, I am definitely back “home” here on the East coast in NYC, where I have happily lived with my husband and our feline rescue family members since 2010.

Outside of work and of course spending time with dogs and animals, I enjoy cooking, yoga, reading, writing, learning to play the ukulele, theatre, acting, improv, and being outside as much as possible! I am also both proud and humbled to be a volunteer with both New York Cares and the Manhattan Animal Care Center (serving in their animal enrichment program in order to bring comfort and relieve stress to the animals and to facilitate in getting them adopted).

I am a true animal lover and advocate in the highest sense of the word—animal care and welfare is my passion and an extremely important part of my life’s work. I grew up in a family where we had several dogs (and other animals) as family members, and I have been caring for the dogs and other pets of family, friends, neighbors, as well as professionally for as long as I can remember. I have a deep and empathetic connection with dogs and I have experience with those of all sizes, personalities, and temperaments. Nothing brings me more fulfillment than serving to provide them with love, guidance, and comfort–and giving dogs that gift is definitely returned back to me threefold because (as all of us dog lovers know!) they are the great teachers in life on how to be present and experience true love and joy!

As a lifelong owner of pets (or rather they own me!), I completely understand the deep connection and love that you share with your dog. I consider it an absolute honor to have the opportunity to care for the furry family members of others, and I can assure you that I have the utmost respect for that privilege and responsibility. I am absolutely thrilled to be a member of the RuffCity family and I am so looking forward to meeting you and enjoying doggie adventures with your furry loved one!