Greetings! My name is James and I’m a 22-year old musician and film enthusiast living in Ridgewood, Queens. I hail from Boston (feel I should mention that I’m not a Sox fan!) and I’ve lived with dogs and cats all my life; my old golden retriever, Ulee, was my best friend growing up, and my previous experience working with animals was volunteering at the Northeast Animal Shelter, a non-kill shelter in Salem, MA.

I moved to New York five years ago to attend the New School, and I have always loved how exploring the city and meeting new animal friends often entwine. Currently I live with two lovely cats named Snuggles and Tinkerbell, and work part-time at a movie theater in midtown; when I’m not walking dogs or watching movies I’m usually attending or playing shows around town. I can’t wait to meet your pups!