Hi! My name is James, & I am a young travelling man that has only recently moved to New York after spending many years living in Australia. This city has so many riches in its wonder & magnificence, but the main thing that brought me here is my love for a Brooklyn beauty that I met while my band was touring here at the CMJ Festival.

I was born in South Africa, & I was constantly surrounded by beautiful & well cared for puppy dogs of every breed & size. It was here I learnt the fundamental values of keeping & loving a pet, & just how easily they can climb inside your heart & change your life! When I moved to Australia I got to meet an even greater bounty of furry little companions, my greatest memories will be of loving a family of 6 rescue huskies, teaching them basic commands, administering medicine & enjoying all the love they have to offer. Today I live in Brooklyn & care for a brilliant little rabbit named Honey Bunny, where there is no end to the cuteness!

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have a job where I get to have a little moment out of every day with your dog for some fresh air, a play around & hopefully we’ll both learn a little more about communicating with humans. I can’t wait to meet you and your dog!