I’m Jade Hoffman, originally from New Hampshire but grew up here in the Big Apple! I first fell in love with dogs when my father came home with Cesar, a pitbull who became my best friend. We did everything together eat, sleep, and play as many hours as I could. Ever since then, I’ve had a major soft spot in my heart for the big misunderstood breeds.

This love landed me with my current fur best friend, Slater, who’s a Cane Corso almost as big as me! Dogs are a huge responsibility, but I didn’t understand how much until Slater came along. He required many hours of extensive obedience training, consistency, and love. Every Saturday we’d make our way to Queens for 3-4 hour training sessions. I spent a lot of my time learning everything from the proper way to hold the leash to make sure he understands I lead and he follows, to getting his attention back on me with commands when he becomes distracted. However, training isn’t all about commands, it’s also about the bond between you and your fur best friend as the trust that you can be their leader has to be there. My work with Slater couldn’t have been more rewarding though, as I’ve gained one of the most loyal and protective friends I will ever have.

Through Slater, I came to the realization that dogs are my true passion. So I quit my 9-5 desk job, changed my major to biology, and went out in search of a more fulfilling profession. I’m currently studying biology and political science at a local university in the hopes to one day go on to Vet school and help all animals full time.

I’m the type of person that realizes a dog isn’t just a dog but a member of your family even if it’s just you two! You want someone who will treat your fur best friend the way you would when you’re caring for them and that’s me! I understand the joy and unconditional love that dogs bring to their best friends and they totally deserve some joy and unconditional love too. And that’s exactly what they’ll get on our adventures in the Big Apple!