My name is Isabella and while I originally hail from South Florida, I’ve been bouncing around the five boroughs since 2012. I moved to NYC after college to pursue a Master’s Degree in History from NYU. Unlike a lot of dog lovers, I actually didn’t grow up with dogs at all because of how much my parents traveled, they felt it wouldn’t be fair to a pup. Once I had moved out on my own, I did everything I could to get more involved with helping dogs and educating myself about shelter dogs. Since 2013, I have been very involved on the rescue side of a Brooklyn-based animal rescue that saves dogs from high-kill shelters in the rural South and brings them to Brooklyn to find new loving homes. I started out as a regular volunteer, handling dogs at events, and got more involved from there. I’ve done a fair amount of training in handling dogs of all kinds of sizes, dispositions, and backgrounds, and was on the rescue’s vet team for almost 2 years.

In the summer of 2014, I started fostering pups waiting for homes (which is how I met Stacia & the RuffCity family – they helped walk some of my fosters while I was at work!) and finally in March of this year, my partner and I foster failed (foster excelled!) with a wonderful white spotted pit/lab mix pup named Elsbeth, now named Estella. I always say that Estella is my ‘heart dog’ because she’s a dog I would have never expected to fall in love with, but she brings me so much happiness and peace every day I can’t imagine how I existed without her! She has a lot of fear issues, especially on the city streets, and definitely has some trauma in her past. She’s made incredible progress in just a few months on opening up to new people and tackling the sights and sounds in the city and we are incredibly proud of her. Shortly after foster failing with Estella, we decided to bring another permanent pup into our home, a black lab/pointer mix we named Lana. Lana is full of exuberance and joy and at 13 months old is growing into the most awesome companion to both us and to Estella.

Having worked with our dogs in rescue, fosters in my home, and my own two dogs, I’m happy to bring my passion for pups to RuffCity and to your dogs!