Hi! I’m Grayson. I’ve been a dog and animal lover since my first years of life. As a toddler, my family lived on a ranch where my mom cared for the horses and cows and my favorite furry friend was the terrier mix named Moose. In middle school and high school, in Palo Alto, California, my family had a Jack Russell Terrier named Daisy and a yellow labrador named Obi Wan Kenobi. I personally trained and raised Obi from a pup whom I still hold as one my best companions growing up. 

I am out in New York now as a part time server at the Tex Mex restaurant Mexicue in Flatiron but can also be found acting professionally in television, film, and theater all over the U.S. I first moved to New York after being cast in the Tony award winning play War Horse. While I’d love to have a pup of his own, I manage to get dog-loving fixes by caring for and walking the pups of my parents, sister, and friends in Brooklyn. I loves dogs of all shapes, sizes, and distinct personalities and can’t wait to meet yours!