Hi! My name is Grace, and I’m 23. I moved from California to New York five years ago to study art theory. I graduated last year and decided to stick around to paint and enjoy all that the city has to offer— including petting dogs! Since living in New York I’ve worked as a nanny, waitress, editor, busboy, barista, gallery assistant, bike messenger, and cat-sitter to make ends meet, but my favorite job by far has been working with New York’s pups.

Growing up in California, I worked with and walked dogs throughout my childhood and adolescence. I have plenty of experience training and working with dogs that are recovering from past abuse, running dogs that need to burn some energy, encouraging pups that are trying to lose weight, and bonding with all breeds’ special needs and quirks! Like with painting, and people, my favorite thing about dogs is that they’re all unique, individual little souls. I can’t wait to meet yours!