My name is Evita Pourikkou and I’m your typical crazy dog lady! I am actually a psychologist and music therapist who has decided to take a break from therapy, and since my second best love is animals, I’ve decided to go into dog walking for a little pup therapy myself. I figured there’s no better way to enjoy life and this big and beautiful city than walking around with pooches 🙂

I’ve always been around dogs and cats while growing up and I really enjoy hanging out with them, and observing how they approach each other and how they carry themselves in general. It just fascinates me that these little creatures spread love all around and change lives of owners all around the world… by doing nothing more than being their adorable, funny, and loving self.

I’m into dog psychology a great deal and have helped with rehabilitating stray dogs (I own one myself – she is the best dog in the world! ) I am comfortable and enjoy working with any breed and size of dog, but I will admit that German Shepherds are my biggest love (forever and ever!) I’m so happy to be part of the RuffCity team and I look forward to spending time with your pup the same way I would want someone to spend time with my fur kid if I were unable to!