Hi! I’m Eric. I am an entrepreneur that grew up in Chicago. I graduated from Indiana University, worked in corporate for some time and then moved to NYC to grow my first technology startup. I have been here for almost 3 years and absolutely love it. I now am working on my second company and have aspirations of starting a global non-profit one day. But in the meantime, what better way to spend my days than with the pups?!

I am a HUGE! dog person that grew up surrounded by Golden Retrievers. Riley was from the same bloodline as all of my aunt’s family’s Golden Retrievers. They have had a total of 9 Golden’s in my life all from the same bloodline. I come from a family of 35 first cousins, with most families having multiple dogs. We are dog people! I am excited to be a part of RuffCity family and get to meet even more awesome dogs.