Hi! My name is Eliza Hurwitz and I am originally from New Haven, CT. I graduated from NYU and am following my dreams as a stand-up comedian. I was very lucky to have had 4 dogs growing up and even luckier to have had 5 brothers and sisters to help take care of them. Luckiest of all, I was also the favorite child, for dogs and parents alike. I attribute this to my calm demeanor and killer sense of humor 🙂

Our first dog was a rambunctious chihuahua named Petey. He was a rescue dog and required a lot of patience and playtime, both of which I was happy to give him. The next dog we owned was a mutt named Bob and he was the complete opposite of Petey. Bob was calm and rarely barked and he left us when he was at the ripe old age of seventeen years old. We loved him dearly, and though it pained my family and I to put him down, it gave us such relief to set him free from his pain. We later owned a chocolate lab named Chester and an Australian cattle dog named Nelly. Because it was my favorite household chore, I was in charge of walking both Chester and Nelly. Chester and Nelly were puppies when we got them, therefore they required more playtime than Bob, and I always enjoyed running around and loved to play fetch with them in our backyard.

While living in Connecticut during summer breaks from NYU, I frequently dog sat my neighbor’s golden retriever. He was easy going and I thoroughly enjoyed walking and playing with him. Living in New York, however, I am unable to have a dog in my current apartment and I desperately miss that bond. As a dog walker, being able able to care for your dogs the way I cared for my own is such a rewarding experience, and I will truly appreciate the time I get to spend with your beloved furry family member!