I’m Claudia Campanella and I have been living in NYC for the past year. Though I grew up in Long Island, NY, I moved to the city to study economics and history at the City College of New York. When I’m not studying I love to read, explore new places to eat with friends, and of course, meet new furry friends in the parks across Manhattan.

I am and always have been a huge animal lover. When I was younger I used to ride horses and spent years working towards competitions. I also have three cats that I’ve adopted at my home on Long Island that I love and miss dearly. As a child, I spent a lot of time volunteering with my mom in animal shelters and directing family and friends through the adoption process. I really believe that having a new furry addition to your family can make life so much brighter and that we should learn to live more carefree the way dogs do!

I also spend a lot of time helping my grandparents take care of their poodle, Pepé! I frequently visit them and take him for walks, make sure he’s fed and has plenty of time outside, and occasionally petsit him when my grandparents are out for long hours. I’ve also spent plenty of time in the past petsitting for a family I babysat for and giving their puppy, Rufus, the same love and care give to the other members of the family!

Being a pet owner and dog lover myself, I understand and respect the needs of each individual dog and will be sure to do my absolute best to ensure they are met, as I love all animals, and dogs especially, as if they were my own.