Hi I’m Brittany Vicars, I’m a Colorado native and I have been a dog owner since I was a born.  My first dog was a liver spotted Dalmatian, his spots were golden instead of black so we named him Sunny. I also own a golden retriever named Marco, a terrier named Jazzy and a miniature gray hound named Eddy, who’s celebrating his 17th birthday this year.  He has had a long life in our home and he still loves to run like a whippet! 

I’ve lived in NYC for a few years, I’ve studied the arts and I love going to the MOMA to look at Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’. More than anything I love walking in this city and my favorite part about walking is having a furry companion by my side. My love for dogs spans back a long time, I have worked with animal shelters and have been a part of the adoption process for rescue dogs and new born pups. 

Being from Colorado I value and appreciate spending quality time outdoors and understand the importance of the relationship you have with your animals. They say that a human being hasn’t truly loved until they care for an animal, and it is through an animal’s love that one truly understands the meaning of caring. I am here to take care of your dogs and keep them company until you are home again, and I look forward to walking with your loyal companions. The city can be so hectic and I believe dogs can teach us how to slow down and be in each moment, approaching the city with curiosity and excitement for each and every smell there is to sniff! 

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Ruff City family and can’t wait to meet you and your gorgeous dogs!