Hey there! I’m Austin Searcy from Denver, CO and I recently moved to the big city with my fiance so she could further pursue her dancing career and so I could broaden the horizons of my music career! So far I’m loving everything New York has to offer, whether it be the food, culture, arts, or the diverse amount of dogs!

I’ve spent the last four years working with dogs in Denver at a doggie daycare handling upwards of 80 dogs a day. We doubled as a foster home to many dogs and were a facilitator in finding those dogs loving homes which is such a gratifying feeling. I love being surrounded by all dog breeds (although golden retrievers are my favorite) and I’ve been a dog owner since I was a kid. I always jump at the chance to watch my friends’ and family’s pups when they’re out of town.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity you’ve given me to come into your home and get to know your pup. Dogs have always been a source of joy in my life and I understand you feel the same way about your dog too. I can’t wait to spend some time getting to know your pup!