Dearest dog owners, I am a writer and lifelong dog lover living in Brooklyn who is eager to meet your precious pups. I’ll elaborate. I grew up on a farm of sorts in rural New Jersey that was home to a host of furry and fluffy critters from llamas to sheep, cats, rabbits, goats, lizards, and of course (or else I probably wouldn’t be here) dogs. I count helping to bring eight beautiful Portuguese Water Dog puppies into the world as a peak and formative childhood accomplishment. We also had German Shepherds, rescue mixes of many sizes and temperaments, and more than a few interspecies friendships to mediate. 🙂

Since moving to New York six years ago to attend NYU (where I studied German literature and philosophy), I’ve tried my hand at a plethora of part-time jobs, but none has incited my nurtured nature more than that afforded by the opportunity to care for and mingle with your furry charges. When not walking dogs, I can be found writing, attempting to translate German poetry and prose, and striking up conversations with strangers’ dogs on the coffeeshop stoops I often haunt for said purpose!