Hi! I’m Ariel- a lifelong animal lover who holds a special place in my heart for dogs. Originally from the Buffalo area, I’ve lived in Norwich, CT and now hail from Astoria, Queens while I attend the Stella Adler Evening Conservatory.

I grew up with a Lhasa Apso named Pixee, who taught me how valuable a human-dog bond can be. She wasn’t a lap dog but she loved to just exist nearby, always ready to offer a doggie smile. Currently, I’m a mom to a Bassett-Husky mix named Lucy, who lives in Norwich, CT with my husband, Zach. They are best friends and while I miss both of them, I’m glad they have each other I love visiting them on weekends!

I’ve cared for many pets for family, friends and as a nanny and babysitter. Some of my favorites have been two Dachshunds named Cosmo and Cody with whom I road tripped to Maine, and my best friend/roommate’s cat, Asher, who calls me Aunty Ari and thinks he is a dog.

I love walking in the city and spending time with pups so it’s a dream to combine the two! I can’t wait to meet you and yours!