I’m Anna Starecheski, a 24-year-old City College grad and writer. I’ve lived in the city for six years, originally moving here for school, but after I graduated I found myself sticking around and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else!  I love to read, write, and listen to way too many podcasts. My dream is to be a television writer, but until then I’m blogging, consuming as much media as possible, and trying to get a Young Adult novel published.

I grew up in a small town in Vermont, and my family has always had dogs. My best friend from birth was a mutt named Sunny, who was my constant, grudging yet loyal companion until she died at the ripe old age of fourteen. When I first moved to the city, my sister and I adopted a rowdy, untrained pit bull and named her Rhonda. She was a handful, but would make up for her silly antics by snuggling happily into my lap the moment I sat down. My sister moved out two years ago, and I miss having my furry third roommate around. I especially miss walks with Rhonda, which is why I’m so excited to be joining the RuffCity team! As far as I’m concerned, I’ve landed the perfect job, and I can’t wait to make friends with so many dogs! Ask any of my friends, I already do this, but now nobody will have to stand and wait for me while I kneel on the sidewalk petting the four-legged, furry inhabitants of this wonderful city.