Hi! I’m Anjali. I was born in Iowa, and spent most of my childhood outdoors. I calla Iowa, Colorado, the Southwest, and now Manhattan home, and I feel profoundly grateful for the rich life I have been able to live. I have an M.A. in Psychology, and I love every opportunity to enrich the lives of others (both animal and human!). I have been caring for animals professionally for well over a decade, and I enjoy the work immensely. I see the responsibility of pup care as a privilege, and I want owners and pups to feel at ease, and well cared for. I love being a part of the team at RuffCity!

I have rescued many an animal in my lifetime — most recently, a senior chihuahua, who is now living a healthy and happy life as my grandmother’s companion.

I am also a violinist, and when I am not practicing my own instrument, I enjoy taking advantage of the rich musical opportunities in the city.