I’m Anika Czander and I am an Italian-American who’s been living in New York my whole life! I grew up upstate and moved to NYC five years ago to attend the Macaulay Honors program at Brooklyn College. There I majored in Creative Writing and minored in Computer Science. Outside of work, I am super into the city’s jazz and swing dance scene! I love spending time at speakeasies and social dance spots listening to music and dancing the night away.

I think my obsession with dogs stems from my mother, who always wanted to be a dog trainer when she grew up, a dream that she passed on to me! However, due to a relative’s allergy I could never have family dogs of my own. So I started dog walking and sitting at a very young age so I could live vicariously through my clients and spend as much time as I could with pups! I’m hoping in the next couple of years to get Dog Training Certified so that I could go from walker to trainer!

Beyond my experience walking and sitting for dogs, I also began volunteering with local shelters and animal aid organizations. From these experiences I not only helped out my local pups, but I learned a lot about dealing with dogs who were a little more sensitive and timid around people. There is nothing like the feeling when a dog has finally put their trust in you after you’ve given them a lot time and patience to get to know you!

When I take care of dogs, I understand that I’m taking care of a member of your family. Though some people see them as just “pets” I know that they’re really just fuzzy children in need of the same amount of love and care that humans get. I am so thrilled to get to spend my days with dogs, and with the RuffCity team! I can’t wait to meet you and your pup!