My name is Alex Boyce and I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I attended Boston University College of Fine Arts and earned a bachelors degree in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design. I’m currently living in Crown Heights where I work as a freelance graphic designer, visual artist, and photographer’s assistant. Most days I’m at home creating in my makeshift art studio and on weekends I’m on photo/video sets working as a digital imagining technician whose main tasks are quality control and time management.

My whole life I’ve lived with dogs—usually two labs at home. Magic, my yellow lab, is competing to be the most lovable dog on earth. I always look forward to visiting home, where Magic and I have great walks and chats (she’s very sweet and vocal). Whichever chair I sit down in she’ll drape her body over my legs to take a nap. She’s the best blanket I’ve owned. In the past we’ve had pups who require daily medications, insulin shots, and extensive raw food diets. They’ve always presented a learning opportunity and have been such a positive influence on my life. I couldn’t imagine having grown up without any of them. They are truly like siblings to my sister and I—they are definitely my parents favorite kids.

Dogs, not just my own, have always had a special place in my heart. Around first grade I was diagnosed with dyslexia and was struggling to keep up in a regular school environment. I felt like I didn’t have control. My parents allowed me the opportunity to get a Labrador puppy named Snickers. Despite the fact that she had a strange obsession with barking at waves in the pool, she helped me through some tough times as a kid. I’ll always care for your dogs as I care for my own because of how valuable their companionship can be. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hang out with some amazing dogs all day? I’m thrilled to be a part of the RuffCity Team and I’m so excited to meet your friend!